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Innovations and development for Industry 4.0



Industrie 4.0, big data, digital transformation. Modern processes require fundamental knowledge about the parameters. With the right concepts you will get all the relevant information about the processes. From the selection of the correct sensor and the data management up to artificial intelligence we will guide your company.

Custom made and integral.

Measurement Technologies

The recording of operating states is not only decisive in production. Also in test benches or in products that you sell or rent, real-time condition monitoring is often your next competitive advantage.

We develop measurement methods for your unique areas of application as tailor-made solutions. Our experts analyze your process and equip your systems and plants with state-of-the-art sensor technology. We bring together information of the most diverse nature and master a multitude of acoustic, optical, thermal, magnetic and tactile sensor systems.

The signals are analyzed using state-of-the-art data processing methods such as statistical methods and artificial intelligence.

This optimizes your process, monitors your hardware and increases your efficiency.


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