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Rely on integral consulting

One contact for sensors, hardware, software & data science

BCMtec Concept 1

We offer you individual sensor solutions that are perfectly tailored to the monitoring of your process. Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of measurement principles, we are able to offer you the best possible sensor technology for your needs.

BCMtec Concept 2

Our experts integrate existing sensors or install a multi-sensor network to collect all relevant data about your process. By using classic statistical methods and artificial intelligence, we can evaluate all information about your process and thus provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

BCMtec Concept 3

Our experts use data science methods to obtain meaningful information for the construction of a digital twin, to precisely document operating states and to make precise forecasts for the future. By using data science, we can provide you with detailed analysis and forecasts that help you in decision-making and planning processes.

BCMtec Concept 4

After optimizing and monitoring your process, we continue to be at your side. Our experts constantly adapt the concept to new challenges and changed requirements so that you can concentrate on your core competencies. You are not alone, we support you in the successful implementation of your processes.

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