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Data Science & Physics

Get more out of your data!

In the digital age, many industrial processes are already equipped with advanced measurement technology for process monitoring. This generates large amounts of data, but it is often difficult to keep track of it. It can be difficult to extract relevant information from this data, or to know where to start analysing it. But modern data science solutions can help.


Use Data Science to make sense of all your sensor and process data.


Discover the benefits today!

At BCMtec, we can provide you with the support you need to evaluate and analyse the data you have. We develop algorithms for automated live process analysis, drawing on our broad expertise in mathematics, computer science and physics. We combine our expertise in artificial intelligence with our extensive knowledge of industrial production processes and our many years of experience in analysing sensor data for process monitoring.


When analysing sensor data from industrial plants, it is important to note that this data has characteristic properties. It is different from data from cloud applications. Sensor data can drift, have systematic and statistical anomalies, or contain unwanted background information. However, this data is invaluable for monitoring processes and identifying opportunities for optimisation. It provides information in real time, enabling a rapid response to problems or bottlenecks. By analysing sensor data, industrial companies can ensure continuous process monitoring to improve process efficiency, increase product quality and minimise downtime.


Due to the unique challenges associated with sensor data analysis, it is important to have a professional on your side who understands and can handle this data. At BCMtec, our experts have the knowledge to effectively and accurately analyse your data and provide you with valuable insights. With our experience, you are assured of unlocking the full potential of your sensor data and optimising your production processes.

What is Data Science?

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Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the extraction, analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data. It combines methods, technologies and tools from different fields such as mathematics, especially statistics, computer science and expert knowledge to gain insights from the data and make decisions. The goal is to identify complex relationships and patterns, make predictions and optimise processes.


How can companies benefit from Data Science?

Data science is used in many areas, such as business, healthcare, research and development, finance or even industry. Through the use of Big Data, large amounts of data can be processed and analysed to gain valuable information. Data science is thus an important component of the digital transformation and will play an increasing role in the future.


The areas of application of Data Science are diverse, e.g. in the prediction of trends and developments, in process monitoring, the optimisation of production processes or the analysis of customer behaviour. Through effective data processing, companies can gain valuable insights that support them in making strategic decisions.


However, it is important to note that Data Science does not only consist of the application of algorithms and technologies, but also requires profound knowledge in the relevant subject areas. Only then can the data be effectively analysed and the results meaningfully interpreted.

The advantages of Data Science for companies are manifold

Improved maintenance

Industries depend on reliable and efficient machine maintenance to avoid production downtime and delays. Data science enables industrial companies to develop preventive maintenance plans by collecting and analysing data from sensors and other IoT devices. Predictive maintenance allows companies to reduce downtime and improve the efficiency and lifetime of their equipment.

In summary, data science can be of inestimable value to the industrial sector. From the improvement of maintenance and quality to the optimisation of the supply chain and the reduction of costs, data science can help industrial companies to increase efficiency, to gain competitive advantages and to minimise risks. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business, the applications are almost limitless.

Want to bring the benefits of data science to your business? Then get in touch with us today. We will help you!

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