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Data Science & Physics

Get more out of your data!

BCMtec Data Science Mock-up

In the digital age, many industrial processes are already excellently captured by measurement technology. With the most modern methods of data science, further optimisation can be achieved. BCMtec offers support in the evaluation and assessment of the resulting data, e.g. by developing algorithms for the automated live analysis of processes. In doing so, we draw on a wealth of experience in the field of artificial neural networks.

We combine our know-how in the field of artificial intelligence with our many years of experience in the analysis of sensor measurement data. In contrast to data from cloud applications, sensor data have further characteristic properties. Depending on the application, they can drift, show systematic and statistical deviations or contain an undesirable background.

We support you in the acquisition and analysis of your data, advise you in the implementation of new sensor technology and hardware and accompany you on the way to "Big Data".

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