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process monitoring by acoustic emission

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PROfile Ultrasonic enables you to monitor and optimize a wide range of manufacturing processes inline using structure-borne sound analysis. This principle has already established itself in many manufacturing and machining processes, such as forming, milling, welding, grinding or injection molding.

The operating principle of structure-borne sound analysis

Structure-borne sound sensors
on the tool or workpiece side

process to be monitored

live analysis via AI

raw data stream


Live condition assessment and anomaly detection

During mechanical machining processes, elastic waves are released in the solid, which originate in the deformation zone

These solid waves contain information about the machining process, the tool and the workpiece and can be detected live both on the tool side and the workpiece side

Inline quality parameters such as machining quality, wear, smooth running, cutting edge breakout, etc. can be analyzed and evaluated in real time.


With the help of the non-destructive testing method, various quality and process data are recorded, from workpiece and machining quality to tool wear and system condition. Monitoring takes place inline and in real time, so you have your process under control at all times and can detect anomalies of any kind at an early stage. Process optimization also brings other advantages. It leads to high savings potentials in material, time and energy and can thus reduce costs.

In addition, this sensor technology is insensitive to operational contamination and interference and also requires little maintenance.

Consistently best possible quality



Scrap reduction

Optimization of production parameters

Features and technical data:

  • Measurement of micro-vibrations throughout the machining network between 1,000 Hz- 5,000,000 Hz.

  • industrial grade with IP67 & PoE

  • Low maintenance

  • Modern interfaces for easy integration MQTT, OPC UA etc.

  • Open interfaces for databases and event bus connection

  • Resistant to contamination

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