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Process monitoring

Real-time condition monitoring using suitable sensor technology is often your next competitive advantage.

We develop measurement methods for your unique areas of application as a customised solution. We bring together information of the most diverse nature and master a variety of acoustic, optical, thermal, magnetic and tactile sensor systems.

The signals are analysed using state-of-the-art data processing methods such as statistical methods and artificial intelligence. Reliable condition monitoring makes a decisive contribution to optimising your production and manufacturing processes.

Monitoring by means of acoustic emission analysis

Online monitoring using acoustic methods enables continuous data acquisition for a large number of processes. The analysis of the acoustic signals via neural networks takes place live and thus enables a process evaluation in real time. 

Selection of application areas:

  • Monitoring of machining processes (e.g. tool wear detection)

  • Monitoring of welding processes (weld seam defects and material changes)

  • Condition monitoring of machines and systems (e.g. pumps, gears, rollers, etc.)

BCMtec Spectrogram

Our monitoring systems can be integrated directly into your production line. Our systems work autonomously, are self-learning, robust and reliable. Acceleration and acoustic sensors are also insensitive to operational contamination.


A comfortable user interface always ensures an overview of the status of your process.


Consulting on the selection of the right measurement technology, the appropriate software, direct integration into your processes and support with data management and analysis are part of our overall concept.


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