Process monitoring with acoustic methods

Acoustic emission analysis of the next generation

Monitoring of rolling processes

Our monitoring system PROroll is specially optimized for monitoring acoustic information directly in your production line. The online monitoring of operating noise by means of acoustic methods allows continuous data acquisition during operation. It allows time and material savings by reducing downtime and rejects and improving machine utilization. Production speed and part quality are increased.

Our hardware

  • Unique compact design

  • 2 measuring channels

  • 10 Megasamples per second per channel

  • IP 68 Water & oil tight

  • rugged design

  • Online and offline capable

  • Power supply and data via a POE cable

The measurement procedure

Selection of monitored areas

Analysis of acoustic signals with neural network

Real time condition monitoring

Reliable condition monitoring plays a decisive role in optimising production and

manufacturing processes. Online monitoring using acoustic methods allows continuous data acquisition for a wide range of processes. The analysis of the acoustic signals by means of neural networks takes place live and thus enables a process evaluation in real time.


Our monitoring systems can be integrated directly into your production line. Our systems work autonomously, are self-learning, robust and reliable. The acoustic sensors are insensitive to operational contamination. A comfortable user interface always guarantees an overview of the status of your process.

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